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Idler / Rollers

Idler / Rollers

  • Peekay Enterprises has been manufacturing Conveyor Idlers/Rollers since 1982. Developments made and experience gained over the years have enabled us to offer most reliable and well-designed idlers for bulk material handling systems.
  • Our manufacturing unit covers different types of idlers to handle coal, iron ore, fertilizer, lignite, cement and other such bulk materials.
  • Rollers are manufactured to suit individual conveyor designs with specific attention to reliability, economy and ease of maintenance.
  • All the Rollers/Idlers are customized as per the client requirement and drawings
  • We have supplied the rollers to: Power Industry, Mining Industry, Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Fertilizer Industry,Ports,Security Machines,Airport
Part Description
Shell The shells are made of ERW/SEAMLESS tube with close tolerance ensuring smooth, Shock Free and eccentricity free running with minimum diameteral runout
Shaft Made of MS bright bar. The round bars are cut , turned with perfect tolerance and ground bearing seats to ensure perfect fit between bearing and shafts.
Bearing Housing The housings for bearings are made of quality sheets pressed to a very high accuracy and keeping tolerance at bearing seating region as specified by the bearing manufacturers. The housings are welded into the tubes from both sides on rotating centers to ensure absolute concentricity.
Bearings Rollers are fitted with precision Ball rollers bearing with clearance as per international standard.
Lubrication All bearings, Labyrinth and grease chambers are permanently lubricated.
Labyrinth Seals Tested and universally accepted Multistage sealing arrangements made of Nylon are provided on both sides of the bearings with Dust Covers and Waterproof rain cap. All the components are assembled together with high quality grease packing effective sealing of bearings from ingress of dust and moisture giving trouble free long life to the product.
Testing All the rollers are thoroughly tested for free rotation, measurement of Friction factors, dust and water proof sealing before dispatch.



  • Carrying Idler Rollers
  • Impact Idler/Rollers.
  • Return Idler/ Rollers
  • Guide Idlers / Rollers.
  • Self Cleaning Idlers/ Rollers.
  • Flat Carrying Idlers/ Rollers.
  • Rubberised Idlers/ Rollers
  • Stainless Steel Idlers / Rollers